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Sound Alchemy

with Nina

Healing through the harmonic frequencies of sound

Sound sessions have been known to be effective in treating many common ailments such as:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Addictions
  • Stress and Anxiety

Sound vibration is potent energy. We experience vibrational frequencies in everything that exists. Each atom and cell is tuned to its own frequency and held together by sound. Through harmonic resonance the body, mind and spirit can be brought back to a state of harmony and well being.

Dr. Oz interview with Dr. Michell Gaynor on the benefits of incorporating sound with traditional treatment methods.

Sound sessions can also address spiritual and emotional challenges.

  • Clear unheathy patterns
  • Open pathways to moving beyond trauma
  • Connect with inner spiritual resources
  • Assist in elavating spiritual growth
  • Chakra energy balancing

Crystal Siniging Bowls

Upcoming Events

Second Sunday
Each Month
6:30- 7:30PM
Guided Sound Meditation
Young At Heart
97 Main St.
Westminster, MA
Call or Text Paula
at (978) 467-6173

Monday 3/18 6:30PM
Guided Imagery
Sound Meditation
Messages from Heaven
646 Central Street
Leominster, MA
Call Bonnie

Wed 3/27 6:30PM
Complimentary Care
Fitchburg, MA

Call Kim
(978) 665-5800


Saturday 3/30 3PM
Restorative Yoga
& Singing Bowls
w/Sue Medeiros

Winchendon Senior Center
52 Murdock Ave


Sunday 3/31 3PM
Listening Wellness Center
35 South St
Barre, MA

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